Hello! I’m Caitlin Burke, an editor and writer based in Baltimore, MD, and I produce Starter Steps. After 20 years in healthcare communications and various starts and restarts with exercise, I want to share some of the ideas and resources I’ve liked most about forming habits and thinking about food, exercise, and having a balanced life.

This is my philosophy:

  • The best way to make a positive change in habit is to make adjustments in your environment that make it easier to do the desired behavior.
  • Willpower is great but can be exhausted; it’s best reserved for unpleasant stuff.
  • Exercise and good basic nutrition are too important to make them unpleasant.

Posts on Starter Steps appear in the following categories:

  • Eating: Strategies and tips around eating patterns, information about diets, nutrition
  • Exercise: Strategies and tips around getting and staying active, what to expect in a gym, some skills information about particular exercises
  • Food: Information about foods, strategies for handling food, cooking tips
  • Fun: Comics and other fun approaches to food and exercise
  • Habits: Getting them, keeping them, information about how the brain helps (or not)
  • Mindset: Why are we doing any of this, whatever “this” is — getting beyond “inspiration” soundbites
  • Skills: Information about accounting for what you eat and about exercise burn, ideas and frameworks for incorporating new habits, how-to info

Most of us could stand to eat less and move more, but there’s thousands of ways to make that work. I hope I can help you find the ways that work best for you.

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