What Does 20 Grams of Protein Look Like?

Counting calories is one of the toughest things to learn — there’s lots to know (like all the ingredients in a food), and most people are frankly terrible at estimating quantities. It helps to memorize the highlights of a few of the foods you eat frequently, and to weigh the food you prepare at home to get practice with “how much.” But you still go out sometimes, too, so being able to eyeball your choices can go a long way.

Like “What Does 200 Calories Look Like?”, this blog entry shows examples of different foods in the quantities that contain 20 grams of protein. If you are active, and new to mindful eating, it can be tough to make sure you get enough protein, but it’s important: not only does it help you build muscle (and protect what you have when you’re losing weight), but it’s satiating, and eating more can help you feel more alert during the day.

Visit the link to see more foods! Elise gives 30 examples with a good wide range, mainly of protein-dense foods. Other foods that famously have “as much protein as beef for the same calories” (very low-calorie vegetables, for example) didn’t make the cut, because they wouldn’t come close to fitting on the plate!

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