Armi Legge is the producer of Evidence Magazine, a collection of articles and podcasts focusing mainly on training, fat loss, and behavioral issues — including setting good goals.

And a big part of setting good goals is knowing when to accept a partial success — or cut your losses. Here are his 6 signs of a good time to quit (or re-route):

1. You hate the process.
2. Your goals aren’t aligned with your long-term ambitions or talents.
3. You learn that achieving your goal involves more work than you originally planned.
4. Achieving your goal takes away from other, more important ones.
5. You don’t feel more accomplished as you get closer to your goal.
6. You find another goal that’s more important.

Legge isn’t advocating flitting from one thing to another and never really accomplishing anything. He’s urging consideration of important values, the overall picture, and kindness to oneself. Save energy that might be blown on stuff that doesn’t deeply matter to you, and direct your attention to goals that add depth and satisfaction to your life.

Read the details at “6 Sure-Fire Signs You Need to Quit Your Goal.”

Image: An error message from Twitterific. Sometimes we need to wrap up something that’s not working, so we can move on.


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