cookie monster

Nia Shanks has a nice post about the skills and mindset that helped her emerge from a diet–binge cycle. She emphasizes getting away from the cues that appear in “lose weight fast” pitches — like rigid, unsustainable rules and a laser focus on fat loss — in favor of thinking about positive actions you can take, like healthful eating habits and improving your exercise ability.

This is neither rocket science nor brain surgery. It’s a personal, practical discussion of what amounts to brain science — ways to step back, adjust your goals, and discover an enjoyable, sustainable way to live (without giving up excellence).

What If I’m Not a Binge Eater?

Good! Don’t start. And take a look at this other post by Nia Shanks, “13 Ways Women Can Be MORE, Not Less.” Shanks focuses on women’s experiences in her training business, but, as with The Art of Manliness, these ideas cross gender lines. “Be More, Not Less” has good suggestions for anyone who’s having a tough time getting away from messages that make it hard to be kind to themselves.

Image from Shirt.Woot. I used this image in another blog entry, too — it’s too wonderful to use only once.


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