Get Better Sleep

Good health is a chair with three legs: good nutrition, regular activity, and restful sleep. The more even the legs, the more stable we are. Most of us do much better at one or another of the three. Some people even sacrifice sleep to make sure they work out during the week, a pattern that can threaten health by making workouts more stressful, requiring more rest than they’re already not getting. Others struggle to “pay down sleep debt” on the weekends, getting stuck in a sort of boom-bust cycle where they never feel truly rested. As with nutrition and exercise, what best helps restful sleep is regular habits that are basically good, even if they are not perfect.

Art of Manliness offers this list of 22 suggestions for better sleep. You don’t have to be manly to use them ā€” you don’t even have to be male. There are plenty of old standbys here, but there may be a few you haven’t seen. As with all such lists, don’t treat the whole thing as a homework assignment ā€” skim down and look for a couple of easy ones to try. And start the week off right with a good Sunday night’s sleep.

Photo: my cat, who is a true master of sleeping.


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