Snow erg

The United States is seeing lots of snow (and ice) days lately, sometimes in places that aren’t accustomed to it at all. You should still try to get outside to get some exercise, and prepare for extra time using transit as you go about your day.

Don’t go out dressed like this guy! Especially if it’s windy, keep your skin covered, ideally with a wicking layer against the skin. A wicking layer pulls sweat away from your body, making it easier to stay warm.

Keep head, hands, and feet warm, and as dry as possible. These parts are quite sensitive to cold — and nose, fingers, and toes are at risk for frostbite.

Stopping the wind makes thinner clothes warmer. If you find yourself without a heavy coat, you can stay warm even in pretty cold conditions with a fleece or wool top (wear a thin wicking layer beneath, if possible), with a wind-stopper — even a thin one — on top.

In winter conditions, socks, sweaters/tops, and even pants should provide some insulation, even when wet. Fabrics like fleece and wool can keep you warm even when they’re wet. (Cotton, on the other hand, can chill you dangerously quickly when wet.) If you’re sensitive to wool, but that’s what you have, wear a thin turtleneck or thin socks under your wool layer.

Running outside or spending extended time in cold and windy conditions? Cover your mouth, too. A balaclava or even just wrapping a scarf so it covers your lower face can help warm the air before it hits your airways, making breathing more comfortable.

Take care!

Image: Viking workout in the Alps!


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