Chocolate? Meat? Fruit? Cereal? I like to tell people to think about having “lunch for breakfast” — so they can start the day with some energizing protein instead of a sugar pastry or donut. When we look at breakfast foods around the world — especially for kids — we see a very different picture from the packaged carbohydrate that’s “part of a complete breakfast” in the US commercials, as “
Rise and Shine: What kids around the world eat for breakfast
” shows in a beautiful photo series.

As you look at these gorgeous spreads and try to reconcile them with your busy, late-running mornings, take a look at KJ Dell’Antonia’s “What’s Really for Breakfast?” It’s a friendly commentary that begins, “I looked at it and thought, man, if a photographer called me up and told me she was coming to my house to take pictures of breakfast, I’d do it up right.” Then she took pictures of what she really serves!

As you look at “Rise and Shine,” what do you see that you could keep at home for an easy breakfast that reaches outside the cereal (or donut) box?

Photo by Hannah Whitaker


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