Willpower, motivation, dedication, persistence, these are all fine qualities, but there’s one thing that blows them all out of the water: skills. No matter how hard you want it or how prepared you are to “just do it,” if you don’t know what “it” is (or how to do it!), it’s not getting done. There are two major kinds of skills that help with a new commitment to healthy eating and exercise: 1. understanding what approach will help you the most, and 2. the individual tips and tricks that help you put that plan into action and stick to it. Today we’ve got some 2014 links from Column 1.

Getting Started

Where Do I Begin? Begin with You

How to Set Good Short-Term Goals

Thinking About Change — what am I ready to do today?

It’s Not Enough to Eat Less — there are lots of ways things can go wrong, and knowing is half the battle

That’s kind of grim, so how do you combat that? Work on Visualization, Negative Self-talk, and Self-efficacy

Using Information Well

It’s OK to Ask for the Instructions Again

10,000 Tips for Weight Loss! Yikes, do I have to them all?

Even Published Resources Can Be Totally Wrong

Gut Check — FTC information about how to spot weight-loss scams

36 Health and Fitness Lessons You Should Never Forget — food for thought!

Snoopy is a high-jumping agility rabbit!


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