For most people, one of the simplest ways to eat better is to eat more protein. More protein often makes people feel better, it provides the building blocks your body needs for its tissues (and makes sure your muscles are kept up), and it helps you feel satisfied — an extra help if you’re trying to limit your overall calories. And one of the simplest ways to get more protein is to have cooked eggs available.

The Julia Child method for boiling eggs is touted as the best way to prevent the dark ring that can form around the yolk, but it’s very fussy, that dark ring is really just a cosmetic issue, and there’s more to a well-cooked egg that that. In “The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs,” J. Kenji López-Alt goes into great detail — with results of his experience and experiments — about cooking approaches and how predictably they yield a fully cooked egg with a tender white that is easy to peel. Did you know people have touted pressure cookers and the oven as methods for hard-cooking eggs? I can save you some time — don’t bother.

If you’re bedeviled by eggs like those on the left, though, definitely give “The Hard Truth About Boiled Eggs” a skim for Lopez-Alt’s recommendations on easy-peeling eggs.


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