The fitness and weight-loss worlds are full to the brim of “do this! not that!” advice, “one true way”s, and weirdly counterintuitive claims. Here are some closer looks, a little math, and some ways to separate the general strategies (like “eat less, move more”) from the day-to-day tactics that make them succeed.

What’s Better — Eating Less or Moving More? The answer is a little of both, and here is more about eating less and moving more.

Do Small Meals Boost Your Metabolism? No, but they can help your blood sugar stability, and be a good way to organize your eating.

Does Cardio Lose Effectiveness over Time? Nope. You just get better at it — here’s how to keep that going.

Should I Lose Weight Before I Start Lifting Weights? Nope. Strength training is important for health — and can help you lose fat.

Yes, Muscle Burns More Calories Than Fat — but some of the claims are pretty overblown.

How Do I Get Abs? It’s a mix of food, exercise, and genes. Related: Do I Have to Do Sit-ups? (Spoiler: No)

Good Carbs, Bad Carbs — carbs have been taking a beating, but carb-rich foods do vary in nutritional value.

Should I Care About My BMI? Kinda.

Being Uncomfortable Is Overrated — thinking about your comfort zone.

Even Published Resources Can Be Totally Wrong — so look at more than one source before you commit to something.

Cheeky illustration by Mr Lovenstein


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