shed your weight problem here

This campaign, by Canada’s National Eating Disorder Information Centre, takes aim at the unrealistic image-making to which women’s magazines devote so much time, labor, and money. From photoshopping cover photos far beyond the appearance of the model — even when the model is a high-visibility celebrity — to a constant march of slimming, slashing, and cosmetic fixes (and often dessert recipes, oddly), women’s magazines create a cacophony of unrealistic ideals and contradictory information about how to reach them. All to get eyeballs in front of advertising for make-up, food, jewelry, and clothing.

“I want to look better” can be a powerful reason to make a change. Just step back and give some thought to that process, and be careful about highly specific images for what that will end up looking like. The idea in your head may reflect something that’s never actually existed in living, breathing form.


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