Starter Steps isn’t really an exercise how-to or training blog, but occasionally I mention equipment — especially if I think it’s compact and versatile enough to consider having at home or work.

How to Use Your Baby as Exercise Equipment — check with the other parent first (you may want to train together!)

Should I Get a Standing Desk? It may not save your life, but it might make you more comfortable, and be a nice change of pace

At the Gym: Should I Try the Rowing Machine? Yes, and here are some tips to get you started

Kettlebells! and More Kettlebell Fun — kettlebells are compact, versatile weights that you should definitely check out

Now THAT’s an Active Commute (bodyweight progressions)

A Squat Devotional — from bodyweight to barbell and beyond

I’ll be doing a couple more of these roundups from last year, and then back to regular programming!

Image by kambanji at Flickr


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