dumbbell alarm clock

If you haven’t exercised regularly since physical-education class in high school, the idea of getting started can sound frankly awful. Fortunately, being active is a lot more fun — and can easily be far better personalized — than those grim tests and dodgeball sessions in the school gym.

Do I have to run to lose weight? In short: No

What Do You Already Enjoy? and Are You Helping? Questions to help think about activities you already do or like that you can shape into purposeful exercise

What’s Your Sport? A fun questionnaire from the National Health in the UK that asks about your abilities and interests and suggests different activities, from the standard track-style and team sports to precision sports like golf and archery

Should I Wait Until I Lose Weight Before I Build Muscle? Definitely not!

What’s Better — Indoor or Outdoor Exercise? A little from Column A and a little from Column B — some factors to help you decide on a good combination

Does Cardio Lose Effectiveness Over Time? Nope — you get better at it!

So You Want to Be a Runner looks at Runner’s World’s running-basics microsite

I hate rest days! Once you get started, you may not want to stop — here are some tips for light activity that keeps you in the exercise habit without overdoing it

If you just can’t wait to get started with your workout in the morning, maybe the Dumbbell Alarm Clock is for you!


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