Exercise and food have both spawned dizzying gadget and gear industries, with product reviews in their millions all over the Web. Fortunately, you don’t require much gear to improve your eating and exercise habits, but a few things can help nudge you in the right direction and keep you accountable to your goals.

How Does Your Fitness Tracker Work? They’re good but have foibles — and some track sleep, too

Putting Very Little Weight in Calorie Counting Methods — Devices and gym machines are not good at this, so don’t let them mislead you

Should I Get a Kitchen Scale? Short version: Yes!

What Is the Scale Good at? Some thoughts about what the bathroom scale is measuring

Should I Junk My (Bathroom) Scale? Maybe! There’s other good stuff to track, like improvements in your workout and your sleep patterns

What Is a Good Heart Rate? Understanding why you might want to check in on yours

Yoga Modifications for Larger Bodies — includes suggestions for using blocks and straps

Coming up next week: collections about eating better and forming good habits!

Image: The Nike Fuelband is a wearable device that pairs with your phone and lets you look at simple metrics online.


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