You don’t have to join a gym to get more exercise in your life, but you may find it helps you by providing a “third place” with fewer distractions from the work at hand, access to classes or trainers, or just the external nudge of knowing you paid money so you might as well get some value for it. Here are some articles from 2014 about choosing and using a gym.

Should I join Planet Fitness? Pros and cons of one of the larger low-cost gym networks

I joined a gym! Now what? What to expect when you get there

Shaking Off “Gymtimidation” – the gym can feel uncomfortable and unfamiliar; these steps can help make it easier

What’s Your Power Song? Learn how music can aid your workout

Putting Very Little Weight in Calorie Counting Methods — How good is that gym machine’s calorie burn estimate? Not very

Should I Hire a Personal Trainer? Here are some consideration for when — or whether — to hire one

Fun or Exercise? Is the gym a treat or a chore? It could have implication for your waistline!

Is there a wrong way to exercise, or approach fitness? Yes, but fortunately the wrong way is easy to avoid

“I Can’t Get to the Gym!” The simplest backup plan is right at your feet

Stay tuned for more collections to help get the year started right!


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