Here is a nice list of short observations to help form perspective around health and fitness goals. Armi Legge wrote these for “the fitness obsessed” as a way to help others avoid being miserable, the way he once was, but they’re helpful thoughts for anyone who is figuring out where to fit in better food and exercise choices — and, for that matter, which choices to focus on.

My favorites on this list:

12. Small, consistent, important changes are virtually always better than big, immediate, and unimportant ones.

30. Setting unbreakable rules for yourself in terms of diet or anything else generally makes you miserable.

31. If you’re getting overwhelmed with health information, spend less time on the internet and more time outside or with friends.

The message throughout these comments is that healthy habits have to serve you: they have to answer to your individual needs, and they have to be doable — they just won’t stick if they make you unhappy. Take a look at Legge’s list, and see which of his comments make things sound easier.

Illustration by Andrzej Krauze, from an article about organisms that do pretty much nothing but improve their fitness: bacteria!


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