Thanksgiving day is over, and the leftovers have been stacked in the refrigerator or sent home with guests. We’re facing the holiday season in earnest: busy schedules, lots of indulgent foods on every surface, and chilly weather all conspiring to make it hard to eat mindfully.

Eat Smart, Move More North Carolina is a project led by members of community health and wellness organizations like public health departments and the Y. It is a community support (and referral source) for North Carolina State University’s Eat Smart, Move More, Weigh Less program.

Eat Smart, Move More‘s website includes tips for improving the health habits of school-age children (in school and at home), help for promoting safe walking routes in your community, and suggestions for helping your workplace make it easier to have healthier food on hand. It also offers a series of posters, available in high resolution for printing, about health subjects — like these Tasty Tips for Smart Snacking (and Eating Smart at Work). The program offers handouts, too.

Eat Smart, Move More‘s colorful pieces offer simple, doable suggestions that make it easier to make a healthy choice. Enjoy the holidays — with a little extra attention that will help make New Year’s Resolutions look like plans instead of famous last words.


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