Kettlebells are wonderful exercise equipment. They are relatively small and easy to store, and that makes them seem expensive for what they are (not taking up much space!), but they are a steal compared to a treadmill or a Bowflex, and they offer a great workout that combines strength and cardio conditioning. You can use them in your home, or take em out in the yard. You can toss a couple in the car if you’re going on a road trip. And unlike dumbbells (where you need larger and larger bells to progress), you only need a couple of sizes to get a wide variety of versatile workout options. Don’t let their convenience mislead you, though — they can be used for all levels of activity, from a convenient home workout or a change of pace from other activities to a discipline to master and compete in.

This detail is from an infographic that gives a nice introduction to using kettlebells — see the full graphic at the source.

If you want to give swings a try, grab something small that has a nice big handle, and take a look at Jen Sinkler’s form article (with video): Fix Your Kettlebell Swing. She also introduces Neghar Fonooni’s kettlebell program, Lean & Lovely.

Want to see more? You can see videos of dozens of different kettlebell movements at the World Kettlebell Club.

Want to find a coach? Take a look at the RKC (kettlebell coaching certification) instructor listings at Dragon Door.


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