Darya Rose at Summer Tomato has a nice list of recommendations for sticking with your healthy eating habits throughout the holidays. Here are the basic ideas — go read the post for terrific tips on how to implement them:

1. Don’t panic.
2. Pick your battles.
3. Plan your attack.
4. Anticipate obstacles.
5. Be realistic.
6. Tighten up home court. (There will be temptations and celebrations all over, so be more diligent with good habits at home.)
7. Celebrate your victories.
8. Learn from your slip-ups — and don’t panic.
9. Adapt and adjust.

A big part of the holidays is enjoying wonderful meals with family and friends, and this post is all about figuring out how to fit in the foods you definitely don’t want to miss. That way you can focus your calorie-control strategies on the events where there won’t be as much to miss.

Go read the post, and if you’ve been having trouble with family members or friends who chide you for your eating habits, check out her tips for talking about healthy choices without hurting feelings or dragging out the conversation.

Lovely photo by Satya Murthy


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