Dream It

This ice cube is doesn’t realize what we know, which is that it probably isn’t set up for success. (I guess you could say “genetics” are against it.) But that doesn’t matter. The ice cube is still taking concrete, specific steps on a path that leads in that direction.

People who make a commitment to new exercise and eating habits often start with a goal — sometimes an enormous one — and end up going in a completely different direction as they make new discoveries about what they enjoy.

This ice cube, for example, will have to gain over 50 feet in height and over 100 feet in length (and that’s just the part that will stick up above the water) in order to command the awesome power of its inspiration. It’s off to an admirable start — working to develop mass — but this is a long road.

The ice cube may discover that it actually prefers the athletic and explosive lifts featured in the Olympics to the sheer size developed by bodybuilders. As it prepares to achieve its ultimate dream, it may log a watery trip over thousands of kilometers, and discover its true passion is open-water swimming.

In the end, our dreams can serve us just as well whether they guide us directly to a goal, or simply get us moving so that we can discover what the world has to offer. So heed the words of Goethe: whatever you do, or dream you can do, begin it.

This wonderful photo is by Terry Border. He uses lots of household objects and food for his delightful images — his photos will definitely get you thinking about food in a different way!


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