“Today was a disaster!”

I like to post to this blog by 8:30 in the morning, and I do that by writing the day before and queuing multiple articles when I know I’ll be away from the computer for a few days. It’s nice to be able to! I think we’ve all wished we could do a week’s worth of exercise and virtuous eating in one day and knock back and stop thinking about it, but alas that doesn’t really work. In general, exercise and especially nutrition are pretty much an every-single-day thing.

But some days go south, early and fast, so what can we do about that?

This has two parts: how do we deal with missing a workout or having a crazy food day? And how do we make sure a missed workout or major indulgence doesn’t turn into two or three, or giving up entirely on a healthy pattern?

The best protection is regular habits: They don’t have to be hardcore, they don’t even have to be formal exercise. The more regularly you keep activity in your day, the easier it is to roll with a missed workout (and get back on schedule promptly). Examples:
— short walk breaks during your work day
— some floor exercises before bed
— have a few small pieces of exercise equipment at home for a mini workout (like dumbbells, a kettlebell or two, a doorway pull-up bar)

“I always make breakfast but I overslept.” A good breakfast habit is above rubies — just for practical reasons. Early in the morning, especially when we’re rushed and worried, it’s hard to say no to Krispy Kreme or a heavily doctored latte. Two strategies can help:
— Identify the easy protein hits you like most, and aim for them. How about Greek yogurt? Or an unsweetened latte … for the milk?
— How about lunch for breakfast? Lunch food is often higher in protein and fiber, and it makes a good breakfast; think turkey sandwich on whole wheat.

First-class gym on the Titanic

How do you save the day if it starts off badly?


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