090202 Wilcox hungry kids

Here is some food for thought:

— Do you know anyone who grew up with good, concrete information about food, the nutrition different foods contain, and how much of which are healthful amounts?

— Do you sleep enough?

— Do you get the CDC recommended levels of exercise?

— Do you have a lot of control over how your day goes, convenient options for storing and preparing food wherever you find yourself, and plenty of time to plan and prepare meals?

— Do you go more than an hour or so during the day without seeing advertising for packaged, prepared, or fast food?

For most of us, the answer to all these questions is, at best, “Not really.” And a “no” to any of those questions can contribute to overeating, and ultimately to serious health problems. The CDC lists most of these factors as contributors to childhood obesity, but they definitely contribute to adult obesity, too.

Getting good information, sleeping enough, hectic days — these can all be tough problems to work around, but they give us a better starting point than “eat less.” For one thing, most of us need to eat more of some things — fiber-rich vegetables, for example, and often lean protein.

Cartoon by Cathy Wilcox, from the Sydney Morning Herald article, “The rise and rise of Generation O”

What are your sticking points? What is your biggest obstacle to eating nutritiously or exercising regularly?


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