food storage detail
One of the best things you can do to make it easier to eat well at home is to keep good stuff in the house. If you’re trying to limit processed foods (and you should), that means more ingredients, maybe batch cooking to prepare meals ahead of time, and lots of fresh vegetables. So what should you do to keep those foods in the best shape?

“Don’t leave the fridge door open!” may be the only rule most of us have ever heard about using the fridge, but there are lots of ways to get more out the fridge than just food. (And important safety issues to keep in mind, so everything you do get out is wholesome!)

Greatist has published this nice diagram about where foods go in the fridge, and these are the basic principles: [E]ven when the refrigerator is sufficiently cold, the temperature will vary in different parts of the fridge depending on how close they are to the cooling element. Master the art of the refrigerator, and your food will last longer.

Go to their web page to read the notes, see the freezer section, and learn which items should never go in the fridge.


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