Quick, Easy, Healthy Snacks

Anytime Fitness is a chain of gyms founded by Chuck Runyon, who co-wrote Working Out Sucks! (And Why It Doesn’t Have To). I’m not a big fan of “21-day kick-start plans” — I think it’s better to add in one small thing at a time than to risk burning out on a 21- or 30-day challenge — but the book (and their various blogs) offer some good tips, tricks, and food for thought.

Enter this nice list of snack-size recipes that are quick to make, many of which travel pretty well, too. There is a rice-cake suggestion (it has avocado!), but in general these are tasty snacks that feel like treats, like peanut-butter stuffed dates, and yogurt with berries. They’re not trying to win prizes for kitchen pyrotechnics here — just showing how easy it is to get a quick snack that gives you some good nutrition with your calories.

You can certainly have too much of some of these ingredients — peanut butter and almonds have plenty of fat, for example — but in general these are good foods to stock up on at home, and most of these suggestions pack up easily to bring along to work, school, or wherever you might have to pass a gauntlet of fast-food joints and donut shops.


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