Less Processed Food, More Cooking

When you start keeping track of what you eat, preparing your own food is a big help. You know what the ingredients are, you can weigh foods, and you can avoid the sodium and added sugar (among other things) in packaged food.

But if you’re like me, you’ll never be a particularly inspired cook, so this Chasing Delicious cheat sheet — with examples for “dry” and “moist” heat in cooking — can save you some time (and prevent some disasters). Visit the article, KITCHEN 101: COOKING METHODS, for a larger image and more information about using these techniques.

Don’t think of this as a to-do list (I don’t see a lot of blanching in my future, I must say), but see if something sounds good to try. And if you want to keep it extra simple, you can make an easy, delicious dinner with “bake/roast” for chicken breasts (try marinating skinless breasts in a bit of salad dressing first) and “steam” for some green beans and sliced carrots.


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