10,000 Tips for Weight Loss!

“18 Steps to Eat Less”
“50 More Amazing Fat-Loss Tips”
“23 Tricks for a Healthier You”

Wow, with so many ways to make it easy, it’s a wonder it’s so difficult! But the truth is that most of the time these are laundry lists, maybe a half-dozen of which apply well to a given person. So you have to do the leg work to pick and choose the ones that will work for you.

Most of the time you can throw out rigid rules, especially those that demonize a type of food. People with unusual food sensitivities or metabolic disorders may need rules like this, but humans are generalists and can generally eat to taste. There are very few bad foods — mainly wrong portions. That said, you may have triggering foods — once you start, you can’t stop. In that case, an “elimination” rule may be the way to go.

Many tips really only apply to specific kinds of “weaknesses.” Most people eat on the basis on what’s in their immediate environment, so tips that help you stock your kitchen or choose foods that make good packed lunches are broadly useful. But tips like “eat every 3 hours” apply best to people who are at risk of gorging on a huge meal if they feel deprived during longer stretches of time. If that’s you, pack some snacks! If it’s not, don’t sweat the clock.

If you are new to regular exercise or to monitoring your eating, you may benefit from rules like, “Feel hungry? Have a glass of water first.” Grapes and most vegetables fit the bill, too, because they contain a lot of water. People often get in the habit of grazing when they’re actually a little dehydrated, so especially if you’re working up a sweat more often, getting water back in the system is a good idea. (You will need more bathroom breaks at first, but stay consistent — your body will get used to having more water on board.)

When you encounter a long list of tips, scan it for 3 that make you think “Hmm, I can do that.” Magazines and websites love these lists, because they are cheap and easy to produce, and they usually draw the reader into visiting more pages, but none of that really helps us! Skim the list and see if anything jumps out as a good thing to try. Choose no more than 3 items, and try to choose things you can combine with something you already do during a normal day. Anchoring to a regular event can make it easier to establish a habit.

Want Some Practice?

Take a look at this list of a whopping 63 weight-loss tips from Greatist.com, and choose 3 to try.

Image shows a 1965 “Slumber Party Barbie” set. The scale was permanently set at 110.


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