I’m Proud of You, Complete Stranger!

One of the best ways to follow through on a goal or resolution is to seek accountability from others.

  • Tell a friend or family member, “I am doing this”
  • Explicitly ask a friend or family member, “Keep me honest”
  • Team up with a workout partner for extra incentive to show up
  • Work with a trainer, both for incentive to show up and for direction
  • Join a gym or activity group to be in a setting with others with similar goals
  • Use a website, like Fitocracy or MyFitnessPal, that combines tracking activity with social media
  • Join officially timed or tracked events, like road races or obstacle races

Accountability can come from friends, family, paid trainers, event judges, or even strangers. The most helpful methods for you depends on your social style, your goals, and whose opinions you value. Mix and match, and find out what works!


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