Brian Wansink, author of Mindless Eating and founder of the Cornell Food and Brand Lab recently tested a coaching system called Slim By Design. Slim By Design is all about making changes in your approach to food choices, so you can make choices about your eating, instead of just reacting to your environment — to the clock time, to the presence of food, to the size of the dishes.

Slim By Design looks at the different “zones” where priming — in essence, “cues to eat” — occurs. People who use Slim By Design to do a better job of noticing how and what they eat lose weight gradually even without dieting; if you make deliberate choices about food, you tend naturally to eat less.

Wansink and his group are working to make Slim By Design a larger program, a more polished product to help people learn how to identify the ways they personally can make better choices in all the zones where food is available — home, work, the grocery store, restaurants, and schools. They have opened a Slim By Design Kickstarter campaign to fund the scaling and development of the tools for their program. If you pledge $30, you’ll receive a 3-month membership in the Slim By Design program. That means you’ll fill out a 25-item questionnaire to identify where food options may be tripping you up, and you’ll get 3 tips for ways to become more aware of them. Once a month, you complete a follow-up survey and get a new set of tips. Slim By Design is personalized teaching of ways to make eating better easier and painless — this is an amazing opportunity to spend a little money to get a big return!

The Slim By Design Kickstarter campaign is only open for pledges through August 31 — jump on it!


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