It can be hard to make a big change alone, and research shows that people tend to share behaviors with the people around them. One way you can help maintain a commitment is to enlist social support. Here are some ways to get it:

  • Get others in your household on board: Agree to a ban goal-hindering item, like sugary sodas or chips, from the house, or make preparing healthy foods together — even if it’s just once a week — part of a household routine.
  • Get some exercise when you socialize: Build a walk into a plan to meet for coffee or a meal, or sign up for a local fun run with a friend.
  • Join a group where others are working on the same changes: A big part of the success of Weight Watchers is the group meeting feature — that shared experience helps lend support. Online communities can help, too — check out MyFitnessPal and Fitocracy.

Have you sought help and support with a food or exercise goal? How did it go?


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