Don’t Let a Slip-up Cascade

We get started on a new plan, and we do so well for the first week or two! And then something happens — the car breaks down, we sprain an ankle, we just can’t say no at the office birthday party.

Forgive yourself, and move forward with your plan. It’s OK to have cake once in a while (even a lot of cake). Sometimes logistics really does make it impossible to get to the gym, and sometimes we have to lay off for a while to heal an injury. But don’t give up. You can have a good healthy breakfast the next day, and take an extra 10-min walk or two during the day you couldn’t get to the gym. You can work on stretching or floor exercises or maybe a little dumbbell work that you can do seated, while you wait for your ankle to heal (and get back on your feet, gingerly and slowly, when you can).

You may be running late, but you can still get there!

There are many versions of this wonderful clock available online.


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