Should I eat Paleo?

Yes and no. Paleo is a general approach to choosing food with a good basic blueprint but some specifics that are probably a little too specific.

Like other low-carb food patterns, paleo recommends getting a majority of your calories from protein-dense foods and vegetables. It emphasizes whole foods, and it’s common for Paleo followers to prepare all their own meals. It recommends eliminating milk and wheat, both of which are a good idea to try if you have a lot of gastrointestinal distress near mealtimes and aren’t sure how to troubleshoot it.

Paleo proponents make a lot of claims about foods being appropriate (or not) based on human evolution, and those claims are oversold. In any case, we wouldn’t be able to eat exactly as our ancient ancestors did, because the foods we have available have evolved too much in the meantime!

I have written more about Paleo’s claims and gathered some links about the food pattern at Should I Eat Paleo?

Cartoon by Dan Piraro, with more food-related cartoons at the link


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