Between work and the kids, when do I go to the gym?

Maybe you don’t, and that’s OK, too. For one thing, your kids need models for making activity a daily part of life. Here are some options for active family time:
– Walks in local parks
– Hikes further afield, maybe on camping trips
– Bike rides
– The old tried and true game of catch
– Turn neatening their rooms or play areas into a game with a score
– Picnic games, like 3-legged races, in the back yard
– Games like Boot Camp Bombers

Some parks have “parcourses” – simple equipment like slanted benches and bars for situps and pull-ups, ranging to more involved equipment similar to playground pieces. If you have younger kids with short attention spans, a short walk between a few parcourses can keep everyone engaged and moving.

Indoor options are springing up widely, too, although they can be pricey:
– Climbing gyms offer introduction classes
– Some cities have trampoline parks
– Is your child on a sports team or in a class? Ask them to teach you!
– Older kids may enjoy signing up for a fun run or race with a parent

Kids often resist new things. Just let them know that we can make some choices about the specifics, but daily activity is a must. Get them involved in choosing activities as they get older, but also let them know that it’s important to push through the “don’t wannas,” too.

Muhammad Ali getting out a bit with his kids.


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