Healthy living is about making choices. Sometimes those choices will be from the Burger King value menu – and that’s OK. You can still make most of your choices in a way that keeps you on track for good nutrition (and regular exercise).

Many diet programs offer “cheat” options – suggesting you eat carefully 6 days a week and have one “cheat day,” for example, or budgeting some number of calories per day for a treat of some kind. Others suggest the “80/20 rule” – make 80% of your choices (or calories) healthy ones, and have some fun with the other 20%. It all comes down to which method feel easiest for you to stick with.

It’s not just giving you a chance to be “bad” after being “good” – “cheats” and treats are a way to put together a larger picture that says “I can be healthy and still enjoy food.” And they give you a good way to work around social events that are bound to include rich and calorie-heavy foods. Just be honest about your portions and how often you treat yourself – and if you do overdo it, cut yourself some slack and get back to the plan.


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