I hate rest days!

You’ve wanted to get into the gym habit for a while, and now you’ve got it to stick. The problem is, the non-gym days feel like a downer.

Rest days are important, especially if your gym days are tough or the regular activity is a new part of your life. But they don’t have to be motionless.

People who train athletic activity, working to get better in their area, don’t do the same workout every day – they mix up the volumes (how much they do) with the intensity (how hard they do it).

Rest days can be a time that you dial down the intensity, and just do something low key. Examples include:
– A leisurely walk or two, maybe after meals – a good social option
– Restorative yoga – gentle stretching, maybe just short sessions at home
– Splashing in a pool, or noodling at the park – a good family-time option
– Sneak in some extra walking on a shopping trip

A little bit of moving around on rest days keeps you in the habit, and helps take the edge of “rest day blues.”


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