Do I have to run to lose weight?

Running is an efficient form of exercise that many find convenient. It requires very little beyond breathable clothes and appropriate shoes, and is very “portable” – you don’t need a gym or bulky equipment (like a bicycle). But if you hate it, who cares how effective it is? It’s most important simply to have some activity, and you’ll get the best health benefits from something you actually do — so it helps to choose activities you like.

The CDC recommends a little over 20 minutes a day (at least 10 minutes at a time) of easy exercise (like walking) or only half that if the exercise is vigorous, plus a couple of strength sessions a week. That could be using a circuit of machines at the gym, or just doing “bodyweight” exercises, like pushups, at home. And it can include yoga or other classes, playing sports (even just pickup games or some frisbee with friends), and just having a nice walk after a meal with your family.

Looking for some strength suggestions, too? Try out The 7-Minute Workout. Here is a web-based timer to help track, or you can just start with 3 to 5 reps of each move, and try to add a few reps (and / or start over to do more rounds) as you get stronger.


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