Is the scale making you crazy? Conquer it by understanding scale weight.

Scale weight is:

– the number of pounds/kilos your body weighs

– all the parts of your body, good and bad, lean and fat

– your last meal

– how much water you’re carrying

– extra water if you recently ate a lot of salt or carbs

– extra water if you recently had a tough gym workout

A person drinking enough water and eating a nutritious diet (enough protein and enough bulky foods like fruits, vegetables, and whole grains) can easily take in over 6 pounds of food and drink during the day.

Many people find the scale a handy, helpful – and very easy – way to track progress, but if fluctuations of a couple of pounds make you anxious or unhappy, try these alternatives:

– weigh just once a week

– think about “non-scale victories”

Non-scale victories are the factors that improve our quality of life, like better health, keeping up with our kids, climbing stairs easily, clothes fitting better, and a generally better mood day to day.

More about scales and doing without them at Maybe It’s Time to Let the Scales Fall Away.

Animal and Celebrity weight scales, (once) sold by Angry Associates


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